Filmmaker ‘Sameh Estefanos’ was born in Cairo / Egypt, he studied Scriptwriting & Filmmaking at “Ministry of culture” in conjunction with his study in Faculty of commerce, graduated in 1999 and then he joined the “High Institute Of Cinema” in Cairo 2000 and won first grade honor in graduation projects – department of Scriptwriting for his mid-length documentary script “………. And destruction of homes!!”

For 8 years later, he worked as 1st. assistant director for Egyptian film industry and several commercials & v. clips.


Later on, he wrote the scripts for the feature narrative fantasy/Comedy “Saied Da-Vinci’s code” & the feature romantic comedy “Time Di-Synch”, which both were awarded (Abdel Hai Adib’s prix for scriptwriting) – Alexandria Mediterranean film festival 2008 & 2009.

At 2013, he achieved his mid-length documentary film “I’m tremendously happy that I am going to play Golf” discussing the ironic paradox of the use of water for Golf courses at the same time Egyptians are facing water crisis!! The documentary has been participated in 14 Int’l film festivals.
Currently he is working on his 3rd and 4th feature narrative film scripts with various genres (fantasy/comedy and Psychodrama/comedy) meanwhile his coming feature-documentary film “My everyday panic” discussing the impacts of Global warming & Climate changes on Egypt, Egyptians and other developing countries.